Marjaana Toiminen has a background in media. She worked as a CEO and editor in chief for 16 consecutive years, before she chose to join Sara Ă–hrvall to co-found MindMill Network.

As a senior advisor, Toiminen has worked on several projects forecasting the future work. The first one resulted in the first branded cowork-building in the center of Helsinki. The latest one is a report on the new nature of human work during the age of automation published by The Finnish Innovation Fund. Toiminen has also researched the future of news and creative destruction in the digital media in the US in an online report called Mediafuturemakers for the National Federation of Media. She is a board member in companies focusing on digital learning and science communication. Mentoring and sparring budding entrepreneurs is Toiminen´s favorite hobby. Toiminen is a Certified Foresight Professional from the Turku University Futures Research Center.